Numerous solid stainless steel cages are in place that are used to house various small animal while they are in the building. They can be easily cleaned and disinfected after each animal is removed. In the building the room is kept climate controled all year to ensure the most comfort as possible for those animals that are patients and those that are boarding. Boarding animals can either be kept inside during their stay or may be let out in the out door runs as needed.

Multiple covered outdoor runs are present to house both patients that need to be turned out and those boarding dogs that we want to exercise. These pens are completely enclosed and not accessible from the outside to prevent accidental release of an animal. Given the concrete flooring and the stainless steel containment wire they are easily cleaned and disinfected when needed.

A separate exam room is present to allow your pet to be thoroughly evaluated and treated. It is equipped with a stainless steel table allowing for easy cleaning between patients. Digital scales and various other instrument are also included allowing for as quick and accurate procedure’s as possible.

The clinic is equipped with isoflurane gas anesthesia machine, along with other monitoring devices for determining the status of the animals vitals.

Numerous other instruments are in place to allow for care of your animal. We have things like a liquid nitrogen instrument that allows us to freeze a mass if it is determined that cryo surgery is the best option. This unit is used frequently in both the small and large animal side of the clinic. Automatic autoclave is used after each surgical procedure to sterilize instruments.

Clinic offers digital radiology for both the small and large animals.