Shown here is the equine stocks designed and built by Dr. Cotterill, carefully guided by Hornback Custom Welding. Richard Hornback who is the owner and operator of Hornback Custom Welding is an invaluable asset to the clinic. These stocks provide extra safety for the patient and those around it. This stock was designed so that it is able to expand to accommodate a draft horse dimensions or restrict down to a small foal and give both size animals stability, restraint and above all SAFETY. Not only do both sides open on this unit, but it is equipped with twenty gates so that any portion of the horse may be exclusively exposed leaving the rest of the horse protected and restrained.


Pictured above is the latest advancement in PORTABLE HYDRAULIC CHUTES. This Silencer Portable Hydraulic Chute is equipped with digital scales, movable control arm, dual palpation gate, hydraulic head extender and manipulator, breast bar, front or side exit, 10 ft. of adjustable heavy duty alley, power system is gas power allowing for no need for electricity and 40 ft of hose to remove noise from working area. The use of a hydraulic system has been shown to reduce processing time by 40-50 % over a manual system therefore reducing stress on the animals, cutting labor cost, and SAVING YOU MONEY while at the same time adding safety. We would appreciate the opportunity to process your cattle and demonstrate this unit.


Pictured above is a Bull Master TIP hydraulic, followed by 30′ of HYDRAULIC controlled S shaped alley. This system allows for quick and safe handling of your cattle reducing stress on both the animals and the people involved in treating the animals. This chute is able to take the LARGEST of herd bulls and tip him on his side allowing for easy access to his feet. We also are equipped with all power trimming equipment allowing us to address diseased feet or just trim either a commercial or show animal.